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December 02, 2003


Porter Barber

I think the whole issue requires a little more consideration. However I can't help noting that if ECUSA's standard is profession of the Apostles Creed, then that disbars a lot of priests and bishops. Just to take the most prominent example, I could name John Spong. But there are many others who, if they ever recite the creed, must do it with their fingers crossed.
And then there is the problem of the public, liturgical recitation of the Nicene Creed; shouldn't we expect that if church leaders are going to recite it, they should mean and belief it?
Thanks for your time

Christ be with you,
Porter Barber


In our corporate worship there's no reason why we can't continue to use creedal terminology as figures of speech. After all, in our everyday parlance, we still use terms like "sunrise" and "sunset."

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