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October 01, 2004


Mark Diebel

You are certainly treading on thin ice! Or maybe it only seems thin. I think you've got it. Maggie Dawn says something similar in her essay published in "Anglicanism: the Answer to Modernity". She has a blog called: maggie dawn.

She pointed me to STC's "Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit," which raised the same point in 1840. In the 1853 edition, which is the common and fairly cheap reprint, you can find a response to some of STC's critics written by his daughter, Sara Coleridge. It gets at the tone and the feeling of that era.

Aside: You might also be interested to know that Reginald Fuller in his essay in Anglicanism and the Bible (Anglican Study Series) cites the fact that over 11,000 clergy (and some huge number of laity over 100,000) opposed vehemently the acceptance of a Judicial Committee of the Essays and Reviews of 1860 -- where an essayist was dealing with questions of approach to scripture and historical criticism.

I think this, the discussion of inspiration, truth and the working of the spirit in us, is the true direction of the controversy. Note STC's conviction that the sort of Christianity which he opposes and is represented by the asserters of the Tenet of Biblical Innerrancy is actually Pretence.

The discussion does look difficult however in view of a recent article by Ephraim Radner, which is written in his usual intelligent prose, and that refers to articles by Robert Sander's, who is referred to in posts after yours on TitusOnenine. Sander's goes after the Presiding Bishop for voicing ideas that sound like yours and STC's. The reasserters do not lack for intelligent pundits.

Thanks for your labors. Keep it up!

D. C.

Thanks for the pointers, Mark. I read the Sanders piece; it was fascinating.

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