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October 27, 2004


John Wilkins

I think the idea itself that scripture has anything to do with "evidence" undermines its power. Although my favorite theologian tries to get to the heart of the faith of Jesus, in the end, there is something to the idea of the canon being, accidentally, the foundation for Christian theology. That doesn't end the problem - the canon isn't neat. It is as multivalent as human experience.

That said, like you, I think practically and empirically about my own life, and hope that the entire story of scripture illuminate it, whether it be fact or myth. In the end, it is our lives that matter to God

D. C.

I see your point, John, but the difficulty is that traditionalists insist that we accept the New Testament as factual, and base much of their theology, christology, and soteriology on it.


What do you believe about Christ, the bible and faith in general to Christianity?

I think questioning is good, but I'm new to this site and am wondering where faith is in all this but empty if without historical record?


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