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October 04, 2004



QC, I think your questions and criticisms have already been well answered in the various writings of Robert Gagnon. It seems to me you are setting up a number of strawmen.

D. C.

Pontificator, thanks for the pointer. I found Robert Gagnon's Web site (www.robgagnon.net). I'm reading a 97-page journal article in which he addresses what various people have had to say, as well as this article from Presbyterian Today.

In what I've been able to read so far, it does not appear that Gagnon even addresses the questions and criticisms mentioned in my main posting above (which are certainly not original thinking on my part). The point of those questions was not that Scripture can be interpreted as permitting homosexual activity. That interpretation is a stretch, at best. The point was that the orthodox are severely inconsistent about the primacy of scriptural authority. If they're going to oppose the sanctioning of homosexual activity, they need to find better arguments than just repeatedly invoking Scripture, as though that somehow settles the matter.


D.C., wade your way through Gagnon's The Bible and Homosexual Practice and then get back to us. Gagnon's exegetical work is grudgingly admired even by his opponents.

As a Presbyterian, unfortunately, Gagnon is at the disadvantage of not being able to locate himself authoritatively within an authoritative tradition. But I think it is fair to say that since the publication of Gagnon's work, no one can reasonably say that the Bible does not proscribe, quite unconditionally, all forms of homosex.

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