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October 25, 2004


Mark Diebel

I'm fascinated that no one other than Eugene Siasl had any trouble with the notion of "dispositive"... which is a legal term. When the traditionalists say that the Bible is dispositive with regard to homosexuality, it means that the Bible settles the matter unequivocally. Of course, no traditionalist says that, they say the latter. You've given us one word to do the job of four.

Who knows because of you and discussions like this one (and Br. Michael used the word too) it will some day appear in the OED. I sure hope I don't hear it though on the floor of convention.

Actually, this argument is proof positive that it's not "Biblical interpretation" at issue, but simple bigotry.

If gay is illegal, it's illegal everywhere and at all times, right? What, then, is the argument for starting such a church? "Love the sinner, hate the sin - but as long as you're not bothering me, feel free to do whatever."

So it's just the challenge they don't like, not the "sin."

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