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October 28, 2004


I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to die so that I didn't have to live under Shari'a law. I tried to enlist in the military after 9/11 for that reason, although I'm actually way too old (I found out later to my great embarassment).

The reason is simple: I'm gay, and they'd kill me eventually anyway. So, either way.

Now, suppose you asked if some hypothetical secular authority, instead of the Mullahs, demanded this. I think the answer would be the same, because asking a person to renounce their religious beliefs means that a person is living under totalitarianism, no matter who's in charge. It wouldn't be a discrete or isolated thing, IOW.

This is why I liked your answer on titusonenine: this is a hypothetical, and you don't even have to get to the "religion" part to give an answer.


Yes I would die for my faith because if I lie and try to find all kinds of loopholls in the Word I am not worthy Remember Luke 12:8 . Jesus didn't look for all kinds of loopholls in the system so He didn't have to be crucified, He did it unconditionally and without second thought. I will have to die then.

David Huff

Funny question, that. There's a, possibly cynical, side of me that wonders how easily those who ask such things and demand "straight forward" answers would volunteer someone else to do the dying...

I can also see how such a discussion could quickly morph into one of the favorite meme complexes of the religious right - "we're a persecuted minority! and "they" are gonna come and take our Bibles away!"

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