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November 05, 2004



I think some people really enjoy the "historical" aspect of Christianity, and like to look back to its origins. They feel connected to Christ that way, and I can understand that. People like reciting the Creeds for that reason, I've found.

But in point of fact, even the Catholic Church has changed its teachings over the centuries about a number of things: the geocentric universe, for instance, and evolution. And of course the Reformation changed quite a bit, also.

This is an interesting time in the history of religion, I think. For the first time ever, really, many people are choosing to become Christians, rather than simply inheriting the faith. This is true for all religions, in fact. And for none: Europeans have gone almost completely secular today. This is true for Japan and other places also. Religion in the West is no longer compulsory, so it's really no wonder that everything is in such flux.

Perhaps "orthodoxy" is an attempt to maintain some consistency in the face of this. And there IS something to be said for that, I think. To me, though, "orthodoxy" implies a mental straight jacket, something I could never subject myself to. I'm a mystic, and I'm rather less interested in doctrine than in direct experience of God.

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