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November 18, 2004


John Wilkins

I love this guy. His institute, www.rockridgeinstitute.com is amazing.


Just the way Lakoff frames his talk about the frame indicates why I am no longer a progressive. He is not far off in divining the paternal energy which drives conservatives. But "Nurturing parent" is both pc-vague and abstract. By attempting to be inclusive, it winds up being typically empty. And it's a cover, denial, ignorance or avoidance of the ruling archetype of the "progressive" left, which is actually a specific form of The Mother.

From a Jungian perspective, I would make the grossly oversimplified case that the archetypes driving the conservatives and progressives are, respectively, the great Father with his son, the Hero vs the great Mother with her son-consort, the Puer Eternus. As for independents, moderates and cross-overs, they are acting out the role of the Princess, who alternately woos Daddy and colludes with Mommy!

Long live the King!


Hmmmm. Personally, I've always thought of liberals as orally-fixated and conservatives as anal-retentive. That must be the "Freudian perspective."

But of course these days I can't stand either one - nor am I interested in being a Princess. Another "parent" model, as a matter of fact, just doesn't do it for me; I already have two parents. I'll work on developing the "sibling" model: Libertarianism with a heart.

Shirley Ohlson

I've just finished rereading "Don't Think of an Elephant". Thanks so much !! As I read, I couldn't help but think of times I've used reframing without even realizing I was doing it.
One case was when I was talking with a conservative Doctor who was whining about liberals and their "Tax and Spend" attitude. My answer was simply "In a country as rich as this one, there is no excuse for any child to ever be hungry". What could he say?

Another examle: I was talking with a rep.county official who gave me that old line about "When I was young and impressionable I was a liberal and thought with my heart, but when I grew up I began to think with my mind". My answer was-- "When you have a leader who thinks only with his mind, you run a great risk of ending up with a Hitler or a Saddam Hussein".

Reframing isn't difficult and you don't even have to memorize a bunch of "facts" or dry statistics which go out of the hearer's mind as soon as they are out of your mouth. It's a beginning to the start of a new mind set, which is what we really need to accomplish if we ever want to get this country back on track to its path to greatness. Let's start now in every conversation. Kerry let us down almost as bad as Liberwitz and Gore.
So, even in your interchanges with other liberals, practice reframing until it becomes automatic. It's

Respectfully submitted,
Shirley Ohlson


I think some of these comments are over analyzing and missing the point of the model, which actually fits quite well when examing the types of policies that make it to conservative and progressive platforms. This is particularly true in terms of social programs.

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