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December 05, 2004



On the merits, I'm still on the fence about committed same-sex unions. I don't think we know enough about their long-term sociological effects.

Well, given the divorce rate in the United States (which involves only opposite-sex unions, of course), perhaps "same-sex unions" aren't necessarily something that needs the most scrutiny, in terms of long-term sociological effects.

(And BTW, the divorce rate is higher in Red America than in Blue, as is the rate of teen births - which is almost twice as high in Texas as it is in Massachusetts.)


Sorry, D.C; that post probably wasn't in the spirit of the thread. And it's your blog.

I just can't see what there is to debate about "same-sex unions," which already exist de facto if not de jure, and have for millennia. If nobody's noticed this, don't we have our proof right there?

David Huff

bls, I don't think your post was out of line. The conservatives are always trying to argue that their position on this and other hot button issues comes from a stance of superior, traditional moral values. Yet those parts of the country which supposedly exemplifies these "traditional, family values" actually have worse outcomes when measured against those very standards.

Shines a rather bright light on that hypocrisy, doesn't it ? ;)

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