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December 29, 2004



In every book I've read about the translation of the first few words of Genesis from the Hebrew, the consistent idea appears to be that God began a process that continued, not began a process and then stopped at the end of six days. Somehow I find the continuing process translation to be comforting.


off topic, but I just wanted to point you back to the Jesus, John, and the Reliability of Scripture discussion for my latest update.

Michael Townsend

The Scriptures are emphatically clear in respect of the proposition [see above] that Creation is an ongoing process.

The Genesis Creation record states that GOD the Creator made the world [universe] in six [6] solar days, after which, on the seventh day, His creation work having now been fully accomplished, He, GOD the Creator, " ... rested from all of His work which He had made" [Genesis 2:2]. See also Exodus 20:11 and Exodus 31:17. Thus, the Creation is a finished work.

Michael .

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