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December 22, 2004


Tom Brown

This is for your second question, I found this table while doing some research for a paper I wrote earlier this month. It consisted of a series of dates for very important books and philosophers from throughout time. Basically the table just compared the people/books by, date found, number of copies, and time gaps between written events. I think the second best was Homer's- The Illiad with 832? copies. Coming right behind the New testament with over 5,000 manuscript copies, as well as a time gap of less than 300 years as to where the Illiad had over a 1,000 year time gap. Using this reference uses no religious language, basically it imples the thought of, "Have you ever met Homer, and asked him if he wrote the Iliad? But you believe he wrote it correct?" That type of thinking. If you are interested in viewing this chart just e-mail me back, I have it saved on a floppy disc with my paper- "The Progression of The New Testament". Thanks- [email protected]

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