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January 13, 2005



Well, I knew my bishop (+Stanton) would be signing along with his ACN buddies, but I find myself a bit disappointed in +Wimberly. I was under the impression that he wasn't in with the extremists. Looks like I may have been mistaken...

Looks like +Ohl of NW Texas was the only one in our state who, so far, hasn't toed that particular party line.


Well, now +Wimberly looks like more of an enigma again. There was a commentor on titusonenine who was ranting that, even though +Wimberly signed the AAC bishop's document, he was about to ordain an "openly gay man" to the priesthood. (and yes, the post was fairly dripping with disdain and outrage ;)

So D.C., do you know what's up with your bishop ?

D. C.

Simeon, I've only met Don Wimberly once. Everything I know of him suggests he's a first-rate guy. A couple of good friends of mine know him and think very highly of him.

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