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January 04, 2005



hi. thariq here from parangipettai. i proud to be a parangipettai muslim. we like to serve our peoples apart from relegious.

im thanking u for flash our service to the world wide.

may allah bless u

D. C.

Thank you for posting your comment, Thariq. May the God whom we both try to serve, also bless you and your efforts on behalf of our brothers and sisters.

Ali Abbas

I am very much proud to be a parangipettai native. Our town has done well for all the Tsunami affected people of various seashore villagers regardless of religions.

Thanks for your posting.
Ali Abbas,

Anjaan Ahmed

Its not a MUSLIM , HINDU, or Christian, We are all HUMAN BEING , when "GOD" creat it this beutiful world for all of us, that time, there wasn't any Hindu or Muslicm nor Christian.

But , Muslim people are always good and kool, some DEVIL & EVIL always behind of us, thats why MUSLIM people are like that ( TERRORIST and Other )

In our society every where we can find a good person and a bad person, no matter where you from and who you're.

Congratulation Muslim's are from South India.You gusy did the good JOB

Best luck and best wishes

Anjaan Ahmed
New York-USA

Shaik Naina

Naina from Parangipettai, this work take by total parangipettai muslim peoples. hole people take the work nearly 12 costal villages(tsunami afficted areas) and take the serve food and other daily need in one week. am very proud of them in my native people


We the hindu of india r broad minded enough 2 participate in christian new year & festivals. Wil u pl pray JESUS 2 bestow your christian community with such broad mindedness 2 enable u 2 participate in hindu's festivals.

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