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April 30, 2005



I'm glad you're interested in this, too, D.C. We'll make you Chief Counsel, of course.

But seriously folks, this is such beautiful stuff, and the uniqueness of the Anglican Church has always rested partly in the fact that it places equal emphasis on the Mass and the Offices. So I think we should work to preserve this heritage. And there's so much music already in place that we wouldn't really have to do anything but learn to sing it.

And I like your idea, D.C., that this might be a way for people in different parishes to become acquainted. I wasn't really thinking of that, but I should have been.

But if we had Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer offered daily, at times accessible to working folks, I think people would go. I know I'd go a couple of times a week. It's really a very good way to find some serenity, and to calm down a bit in a busy world.

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