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May 29, 2005



Before I decided to go to the Episcopal Church, I thought seriously about becoming Jewish. The only reason I didn't is because I'm not culturally Jewish, and for whatever reason this was a barrier to me. I wanted to explore my own heritage.

But I still consider it sometimes - and more and more lately. The thing that gets me is that Christianity in practice is most often far more legalistic than Judaism is.

But this is why I like the Episcopal Church. Two Jews, three opinions - and the same can be said of Anglicans.

Or used to be, at any rate.


I too considered Judaism in my early college years; the breadth of questioning and a real concern for intellectual debate and disagreement being okay is refreshing at least in the Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative movements. I don't so much have doubts about Jesus' divinity as I have doubts about the present state of the Church with regards to "love thy neighbor as thyself."

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