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May 01, 2005



QC, Thanks for that bit of history. All I can say is "Amen, brother". From what I read, the Rotary Club is busy practicing the religion of Jesus instead of arguing the minutiae of a religion about Jesus. My fondest dream is that Christianity would be defined by the former instead of the latter.


If that’s “Rotary Club theology,” we could do worse — and often do.

I totally agree.


Thanks for that bit of "hidden history".

I was amazed to find out about the Shriners' Hospitals, where patients are treated for free. Anyone who has ever been an inpatient knows how incredibly quickly hospitals eat up money. The fact that these places can lose money year after year and still stay open speaks to a deep-seated value of charity in these men that we rarely see anywhere else.

drs. J.G. Hoekstra

There is something wrong with the Rotary, its foundation is Masonry! And as a christian one knows: Free masonry (Odd Fellows idem)is an anti christian organisation! Most service clubs have their roots in masonry.
My advise: don't join them! If you already do, leave them.


Wow -- "Drs. J.G. Hoekstra" (above) -- you are a quick one to pass judgement. Why do you suppose you are like that?

Have you been to a Rotary meeting? I am not a member, but have been to a couple of their meetings and am considering joining as I am very impressed with their spirit of service. Incidently, every meeting I have been to began with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a Christian prayer.

"If you wish to see truth, then hold no opinion for or against it." - Osho

Bill Green

Rotary has nothing to do with Freemasons and everything to do with finding those things that connect us and putting to one side those things that can divide us if we let them. Some Rotarians may be masons as Rotarians come from all walks of life. Many are Christians and some have no belief in any deity at all so I am sure all creeds are represented amongst the 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide.

It has high aims such as world peace and does much humanitarian work around the globe. I do not know where Drs. J.G. Hoekstra has obtained his prejudicial view but I am sure researching the many Rotary websites should help to show that that view couldn't be more wrong. I am not even sure that it is true of other service clubs.

In fact I understand that one has to declare a belief in a supreme being to even become a mason.


I think it is prudent for one to really pray and enquire from God before joining any of these service groups. One needs to know the spirit behind these groups.


i have been to rotary meetings. they want people to leave ISLAM and their CULTURE. they want women to become naked and do all thats wrong and opposite to our CULTURE and RELIGION. rotay should emphasis on HUMANOTY works, instead peoples privicies


"There is something wrong with the Rotary, its foundation is Masonry!"

Oops - should we scrap that church founded by a meglomoniacal, adulterous, murderous king ?

Or those churches that tolerated (justified) slavery for centuries ?

Or those churches whose provincial churches backed all sides of nationalistic wars fought primarily over resources or maintaining imperialist hegemony?

Maybe we can cut the Rotary Club a little slack for its founders having flirted with an eceumenical club that has always accepted Christians and welcomed members of other faiths without prejudice...

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