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May 23, 2005



You're wise to say we don't know how God will judge- but you are entirely wrong conserning same sex unions. The Bible can't be any clearer on the topic of homosexuality: ABOMINATION. PERIOD. Wwhere does the confusion about judgment of same sex unions come from?


It's hardly clear at all.

Most Jews believe that the Leviticus prohibitions cover one specific kind of homosexual act: male-to-male anal sex, rather than "homosexuality". Secondly, it is found in a list of forbidden acts done by followers of Molech and Canaanites, who are referenced at the beginning of the chapters which contain each reference. Even discounting that this is a purity code used to distinguish Hebrews from Molech followers or Canaanites, and one wants to take the Leviticus literally (which no one seems to do in any other case) bless same sex unions but condemn male-to-make anal sex. And while you're at it condemn heterosexuals who have sex during a woman's menstral cycle. (Lev 18.19)

ALL the references in the Bible refer to homosexual acts done in the context of idolatry. Romans 1 makes the clearest juxtaposition between the two (see Romans 1:23 and 25). Nowhere does Scripture discuss loving and committed gay relationships amongst Christians.

I encourage Mike to study a bit further. He'll find that it isn't clear at all, which is why Christians of goodwill disagree.



Not to mention (yet again!) the lack of reference to female-female sexual relations.

Or did you think only males were homosexual?

David Huff


That's a great story, really liked it. I'm also afraid it won't matter in the least.

There are too many "conservative" Christians out there who absolutely need for there to be "abominations" to be against. Their very core beliefs center around the fact that, "We're not like those people." To ask them to consider another way is tantamount to asking them to not BE Christians at all.

Sorry, but it's not going to work - though I desperately wish it were otherwise...

As an aside, I think this is a central issue as to whether Christianity will continue to flourish in the modern world or slowy decline into a small, minority sect. If the majority of Christians continue to fall in line with the Jerry Fallwells and James Dobsons of the world, we'll be irrelevant in a generation or two, a secular nation like the EU (which I'd certainly pick over the "Dobson option" w/o a moment's hesitation).

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