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May 31, 2005


Göran H

Thanks for sharing your story!


I agree. This was great, D.C. - thanks for posting it. Love that story about the ship-board High Mass!

lex icon

As Linus Van Pelt would say:


Thanks for sharing. I think a lot of people (like me) can relate to at least parts of your story. To me, it's a story of hope that shows that, in his own way, God's brings us back if we listen.

It's very disappointing to me, though, when I hear stories about Christians of one stripe or another saying things that amount to "you don't belong here." If there is anything I get out of the Gospels, it is that we all belong to God.

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, I don't recall the part about the father stopping the son at the gate and requiring a creedal confession before he lets him back in the house ;-)

David Huff

Well said, D.C. - very well said. Thanks for posting this, and for being willing to share your personal experiences.

If you can't be considered a "Christian and Episcopalian" on these terms, then I certainly can't be either. (the fact that I already can't be considered such certainly isn't news to some of the "conservatives" I debate with, is neither here nor there ;)

Caelius Spinator

D.C.- I can say that I have similar and also very different views on the harmony between Scripture, Tradition, and Creation, but I'm glad other people are thinking about it. I wonder if it would have been different if I had found Christ (The Father and the Holy Spirit, too) after I found science as you in some sense did.


Excellent. Thanks for your candor. Parts of your story really resonate with me, especially about Rabbi Jesus, our Lord and Master. It's about keeping the main thing the main thing...and the main thing is love. Paul affirms the greatest commandment in Romans 13:10. Good stuff...thanks again!


What a load of sickening guff! If you need to think there is a god, I think that you should have one. Sadly for weak things like you, the fact is that we are alone and we are responsible for our own actions. ( you aren't some sad yank by any chance????? )


As a Christian, I am not to judge you, but this religious hogwash about communion is ridiculous. Jesus Christ before his death and ressurection ate bread and shared with his disciples. This religious stuff is nonsense. You need to get back to the basics my friend....

Romans 2:1-29

The truth of the matter is that Jesus Christ is Lord and the bible is the official seal of his laws. We do not live by works but by grace, dogma... wow, you've gone that far into religion... and forgot what it is like to have a relationship with Jesus Christ as simple as walking out of your home that God has blessed you with you and starting to have a conversation with him.


DC, your last few comments are really interesting. I'm so pleased to see them all in one place. I think there a lot of people like you. Your posting this helps more people than you may know. I think your journey is one of honesty and integrity. How can you pretend to have the personal relationship with Jesus some people claim if you do not? I think God must be most pleased with the effort you have expended.

As to your point about women being what they are raised, I am not the Roman Catholic our mother is, and I -have- heard her complain about our not being Catholics. But she has been pretty gracious about it, considering that she was raised to believe that non-Catholics go to Hell. Pax, brother.



A hypothetical situation: imagine your future wife had been Catholic. Knowing what you know now about the Apostle's Creed and "savior" and "kyrie" et cetera, do you think you could have revived your childhood Catholicism via your wife's subtle suggestions?

D. C. Toedt III

NewTrollObserver (@8:33pm), I can't imagine ever returning to the Catholic Church. They're wonderful people, but the hierarchy is far too "our way or the highway" in their dogmatism, and the laity more or less defers to the hierarchy's authority.

I don't think it's a coincidence that, at least so far as I can remember, I never dated any Catholic girls or women. (Which brings to mind the lyrics of a Randy Travis song: "They say time plays its tricks on the memory / makes people forget things they knew; / it's easy to see / it's happenin' to me / I've already forgotten / every woman but you.")

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