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January 02, 2006



Thanks for the review--I haven't seen it yet, but surely will!

I just discovered you blog through the TCPC web site, so I don't know anything about you yet, but I hope your "onto something" comment about the "ick factor" isn't an attempt to dignify anti-gay prejudice as somehow acceptable.... (Understandable? Sure--I feel the same way when I have to sit through a commercial for The O.C. But my personal responses don't invalidate others' feelings....)


thanks for your thoughtful words... refreshing.


Hello - I saw "Brockback Mountain" this past week and was one of an entire row of women seeing the film without her husband or boyfriend. I literally have lost sleep after seeing this film, and finally I found the salvation from the emotional rape the film inflicts on so many people who see it. It helped me to define what exactly the film is about.

It is about destruction.

It is a beautifully crafted allegory of destuction.

The film portrays two very beautiful actors at the peak of their careers in pitch-perfect performances. The plot, well known by now, has them meeting and trysting while married over a twenty year period. The first time I saw the movie I sat watchng the final credits rolling, too stunned to move out of the chair. (I wasn't the only one, either.) The film sucks you in, wrenches your guts with its intense passion and disappointment, then leaves you to go home devastated to try and sort things out. After a sleepless night, I went like a moth to the flame to see the film again, but this time different perspectives , thank God, presented themselves in sharp relief to the travails of the two main characters I was so focused on the first time.
The second time I saw the film I saw and related to - and not just out of sympathy - the two wives that were treated mainly as gratuitous flashbacks as part of the men's "dilema". The wives are left to raise children, handle businesses, provide much of the nose-wiping, ball-throwing, home-work doing, and all the general grunt work that Hollywood always depicts as pathetic.
Their lives and families were destroyed by the actions of the men they married. That was the first and most important theme of this film's theme of destuction.

The second theme of destruction is the tag line in every ad for this film, "Love is a Force of Nature." This blatantly implies we are like the poor dumb sheep in the film, we have NO POWER over our actions, because we must do whatever gives us the most intense pleasure, no matter what the cost to our families or ourselves. What a total load of crap. How many times in my formerly married life did I turn away from VERY INTENSE attractions I had to some other man and/or I had him turn away from me? PLENTY, BABY. I know I'm not alone here - whether you are gay, straight,whatever - if you value your partner and what is right you will walk away from selfish, inappropriate pleasure, no matter how much disappointment you may suffer - you WILL GET OVER IT. Hollywood loves to promote the notion that the pursuit of personal fufillment and pleasure is the highest of all ideals. To hell with the devastated spouse who chose responsibility and loyalty to their spouse and children over running off with whoever that came on to them one night. Hollywood hates fidelity, and adores character only if it promotes one of their pet causes (Think "Good Night, and Good Luck"). I don't know about Jack, but Ennis could have shook off this "thing" - he even called it that - and gone on in life to be something other than a bitter, broke drunk.

The third destructive theme is that it was society's fault these guys couldn't live their lives the way they wanted, whether out of fear (Ennis) or money (Jack). More total baloney. Society, even in 2006 and not in Wyoming, will ALWAYS have folks who for usually religious reasons they are perfectly entitled to(and not just Christianity), will not have these guys over for dinner, will not speak to them in public, will not do business with them, and perhaps even have a verbal exchange telling these guys what they think of the homosexual lifestyle. And you know what, Hollywood? Despite your mind-control efforts, this will always be the case to some extent in society. It may come as a surprise to all in Liberaland that 99.999% of religious folk don't fall into the category of the scum that would torture-kill poor Matthew Shepard, even though Hollywood would love to have us think that. People of faith are simply people who choose to be stronger than the two horny cowboys in Brokeback Mountain.

As anyone who is reading this you have probably guesses by now I'm an unrepentant cranky conservative who used to think in a liberal anything-goes fashion. That is true, but I'm also a fan of Ang Lee and think this movie, while short of a masterpiece, will attact all the standard-issue rants of gay marriage, equality for all at Oscar time (I don't watch the Oscars anymore), but will also incite what Ang Lee may or may not have intended - that this may be the most anti-homosexual film ever. The characters are completely miserable, even when they are trysting on the damn metaphorical mountain. I took home a vicarious dose of their misery when I walked out of that theatre, and I put this awfulness to rest by defining it for what this film's theme actually is - the destruction of people's families, the degradation of society, and their eventual misery and self-destruction. Who would like to be gay after seeing that, folks?

I will say in an about-face that I happen to be a Christian who could care less if someone is homosexual. I would have been a lot happier if the two c'boys had ridden off into the sunset with big grins on their faces and sunshine shining right out their eardrums. But the film showed the destructive side of intense erotic pleasure - (and notice I didn't say love-the characters never say they love each other) that is more properly defined as obsession, made nearly pornographic by the tension created by the forbidden nature and flat-out physical danger of their relationship. Who knows, if the horny cowboys had "ranched" together, they would not have had the same ups and downs, sexual problems, money squabbles, and general ennui that plagues almost every "normal" couple? Would going home to their families and redoubling their efforts to put the same passion to their respective marriages have changed their lives and the way they loved? I think, as a Christian woman, yes, it would have, it's just that it's not a very marketable concept.

This film is about destruction. Properly defining it this way finally let me have a good night's sleep.

William Courson

Robin (robin3@planetkc.com) has written above: "It may come as a surprise to all in Liberaland that 99.999% of religious folk don't fall into the category of the scum that would torture-kill poor Matthew Shepard, even though Hollywood would love to have us think that. People of faith are simply people who choose to be stronger than the two horny cowboys in Brokeback Mountain."

Robin, while I'm sure you're not a murderer, you are a homophobe. And, I strongly suspect, a bigot. Your own words betray you. Read what you have written, and think about it. [Ed.: This comment is borderline ad hominem; please see the response below.]

If I - a gay man - were to dismiss your relationship with your husband as a self-indulgent weakness born of "horniness" would you not feel the same, that I were a "hetero-phobic" bigot? Would I not be treating you differently from myself? What part of the word "equal" do you not understand?

Oh, but wait: Christian Conservatives have an answer for that - homosexuality and heterosexuality are not morally equivalent. Therefore, it is unreasonable for homosexual people to ask to be treated with the same respect and deference as heterosexuals, and to have their relationships equally honored and respected.

I lived in South Africa under apartheid - and this is precisely the way that that the guardians of White Power in that benighted land once thought. (I can hear the Christians respond: "That's different." No, it isn't different. It isn't even similar - it is identical.)

Really, if this is an example of the kind of thinking done by so-called "People of Faith" (nearly always capitalized) it explains their ongoing support of the most corrupt and abusive presidential administration in American history (possible exception of Warren Harding though). [Ed: Let's stay on-topic, please.]

Well, there is one good thing: societies evolve and mature. No doubt, if you try to peddle your homophobia [Ed.: Another borderline comment.] to your grandchildren (or great-grandchildren in some far off day) they will wonder what all the fuss is about.

D. C.

William, I must ask you to refrain from borderline ad hominem attacks. One who believes that homosexual activity is morally wrong is not necessarily a hater of gays — "homophobe" doesn't mean that, anyway. Such a believer could be simply misinformed (IMHO). Big difference.

It's also not necessary to launch an irrelevant attack on the Bush administration. You may disagree with the administration's wiretapping and surveillance policies, but that's not a warrant (pun intended) to attack the administration as allegedly "corrupt."

Your corruption attack is off-target in any case: The Bush administration per se seems to have been largely free of any whiff of scandal. It's certain congressional Republicans who have been in the papers.


"The wives are left to raise children, handle businesses, provide much of the nose-wiping, ball-throwing, home-work doing, and all the general grunt work that Hollywood always depicts as pathetic."

If I remember correctly, it is Jack (Jake's character) who calls the teacher to check up on his son's school work, not his self-absorbed wife.


Je suis allé voir le film hier et j'ai été absorbé par sa beauté : celle des personnages mais aussi de l'histoire. J'ai éprouvé quelques difficultés à dormir, moi-aussi, et je dois vous avouer qu'encore aujourd'hui je pense à cette passion dévorante.

Je ne suis pas ému parce que je suis célibataire, après une vie de couple qui dura 6 ans, et que le film pourrait ouvrir les chairs. Je ne suis pas ému par cette homosexualité, car je dois vous avouer que la mienne me suffit amplement pour me soucier de celle des autres. Je ne suis pas ému par ces familles qui se déchirent, se séparent et se retrouvent... notre XXIème siècle nous apprend à vivre avec ces tourments. Je ne suis pas non plus ému par la mort de Jack, mais plutôt par la souffrance d'Ennis qui doit supporter d'être encore vivant !

Voilà ce qui me chagrine : l'impression de n'avoir jamais connu le réel amour et cette même impression m'oblige à me poser la question "le connaitrais-je un jour ?".

Nous faisons des choix dans la vie, et nous nous soucions volontiers des préjugés avant de prendre nos décisions. Jack était le feu, dont le précepte était "Vivons ce que la vie nous offre" alors qu'Ennis, l'eau, avant l'expérience de son deuil, pensait "Vivons ce que la société nous autorise".

Qui dirige nos vies ? les autres ? nous ?

Quelle passion de cette nature peut survivre dans un monde où la religion se croit supérieure à l'homme ? Quelle passion aussi pure a déjà existé ?

Je ne veux pas que le monde se serve de moi ainsi, mais je ne peux que l'admettre : si l'amour est aussi destructeur que celui de "Brokeback Mountain", je veux bien le découvrir quitte à mourir.

Le malheur dans l'histoire est qu'une fois le malheur à notre porte, nous savons que la vie aurait pu nous sourire.

D. C.

Decades ago I was bilingual in French, so I couldn't resist attempting a BabelFish-aided translation of the above comment. I had to guess at some of the idioms, and I edited the paragraphing for easier reading.


I went to see the film yesterday and was absorbed by its beauty: not only of the characters, but also of the story. I had trouble sleeping too; even today, the film's consuming passion weighs on my mind.

What moves [shakes?] me is not that I'm celibate following a six-year relationship, and that the film re-opened [old wounds?].

Nor is it [what shakes me] the homosexuality [in the film], because my own is more than enough for me to be concerned with.

I am not moved [shaken?] by the families that tear themselves apart, separate, and rediscover themselves; in the 21st century, we learn to live with these torments.

Neither I am not moved [shaken?] by Jack's death — but rather by the suffering of Ennis [? who had to endure that suffering to be able to really live?]

What saddens me is the impression that I've never known real love. This same impression obliges me to ask myself, "will I know it some day?"

We make choices in life, and in making our choices we worry readily about what others might think.

Jack was fire; his precept was "Live what life offers." Ennis was water, who, before his experience of sorrow, thought "Live [only] as society authorizes."

Who directs our lives? Do others? Do we?

What passion of this nature can survive in a world where religion sets itself above man? What passion so pure has [ever?] existed before?

I do not want the world to treat me that way. But I must admit: [even?] if love [in real life] is as destructive as that of [shown in] "Brokeback Mountain", I [still?] must find it, even if it means death.

Misfortune in the story is [at the same time?] misfortune at our door; we know that life could have smiled upon us.

If anyone is better at French than I, please feel free to correct or amplify.


Robin, I appreciate your opinion. It sounds well-rehearsed and right-on. Conservatives should not be afraid to voice the truth, even with hoards of leftist opposition. Truth stands.

Many liberals, especially in the gay community, will not listen to us. That is unfortunate. If people on both sides of the issue would listen to what the other has to say, rather than attack it, we might be able to better understand the nature of homosexuality. We are all people, with different backgrounds, interests and values. And each one deserves respect, regardless of orientation.

More than respect, we all seek love. Many people seek it in the wrong places, and Hollywood rewards them for it. These people will never know true happiness, for true happiness can only be found through real love, not through lust.


I Haven't seen Brokeback Mountain yet. It's nearly impossible to begin to comment on a subject that you yourself have NEVER experienced. HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT ALL GENETIC OR BY CHOICE. ALL Actions are however, by our own free will to choose.

Who directs our lives? Do others? Do we?
WE ULTIMATELY DIRECT OUR LIVES AND OUR DESTINY!!! We can choice for others(forces) to do so for us.

Take my advice, I've been throught it more than once. If you find this kind of love(passion) and you both can be just friends, it will last a lifetime. But if when you choose to ACT on your desires for each other(against the Bible) You will reap what you sow. I can testify that it's worse than death. It's more like HELL itself many times over.


This day in age Christians need to focus more on Jesus than what movies are out and why we should or should not see it.

I think in the bible somewhere it says something about not to judge but how many Christians out there actually do what the bible says?

Either way, film makers have just as much of a right to make gay sheep herder movies as Christians have the right to be Christians in the US. Or do Christians in todays world believe they have the right to say what we can and can not do as a whole.

I don't see gay and lesbian groups pushing Brokeback Mountain in our faces as certain groups out there pushed Mel Gibson's multi million dollar project called Passion of the Christ.

God should be the one dealing with the worlds problems.. Not the one's that are supposed to be making good of his name.

*thank God I left the church*


To Christian and DC - thank you for not misinterpreting my lengthy rant above. Of course, love is a force of nature, it's also one we can choose to have control over. My point is, heterosexual or homosexual, we have all had very difficult temptations that we, if we choose not to hurt the people that love us and we have obligations to, can overcome. I'm not specifying homosexual or heterosexual temptation, I am talking about acting on ANY desire we know would destroy the families we willingly created. I find it ironic that one of the movie stills has the two characters gazing lovingly at one another as Ennis's daughters, out of focus, are in the BACKGROUND. How symbolic of how secondary the family relationships, especially the female roles in the movie, are treated. The devastation of the collapse of anyone's family is every bit as wrenching emotionally as what these two men went through.
D.C., thank you, you are right, liberals don't "get" conservative people and are making them the most discriminated and persecuted group in the world.
Christian, thank you for your perspective and your admission you have, like myself and a lot of other people, had "experiences" and realize they were hell, not heaven.
And dear William Coursin, you didn't read my rant completely. I never personally preached against homosexual acts in my rant. I stated unabashedly that one's obligation to your spouse and children trumps any other desire. And the only reason I capitalized "People of faith" was that it came at the beginning of a sentence. It's a punctuation kinda thang. And I wish you would listen to folks before you make snap judgements and not call horrible names like bigot, homophobe, and "probably not a murderer". This kind of slurring creates MORE tension against the homosexual community that has worked so hard to build the bridges to acceptance.
One of the things I love about being a "Questioning Christian" is the relief I feel when I can rely on God's love to reinforce the difficult choices that have to be made when you do the hard right, instead of the easy wrong. It is every bit of gratifying as inappropriate passion, quite frankly.


I just saw this movie last night. This movie was about two people who chose the wrong person to "marry". It happens to over half of the marriages today.

The main thing I took away, and wish that others would take away is that - when people make a bad decision and "marry" the wrong person, it is always better to end the relationship. It is never truly a spiritual marriage when two people do not love each other. Jesus wants two to become one. When homosexual people marry someone of the opposite sex spiritual oneness cannot occur.

I married a man who was completely absent. I endured it for 10 years before I sincerely felt the spirit of God tell me that it would be better for my daughter not to have to witness this lack of love by her parents any longer.

Jesus says that abandonment is a reason to get divorced (1 Corinthians 7:15). Divorcing earlier, rather than later, and moving on would have saved all of them from sorrow and pain, and separation from Jesus. Those daughters could have had a loving father, had he been able to live the life that God had chosen for him, which was not with his wife.

Being with the person you can love is what Jesus would want. Only in a relationship where you can truly love one another can the spirit and commandments of Jesus be fulfilled.

If my son were to feel homosexual tendencies the last thing I would want for him is to try to marry a woman and give birth to children, only to surely abandon his wife later.


i would like to say somthing

William Phillips

What strikes me about your criticism of the weaknesses of these two admittedly pitiful characters is that you reduce their weakness to an inability to resist lust for eachother, wrecking the lives of innocent bystanders.

First, when looking this 20 year relationship, one can figure that they had very little sex together, so we are not talking about a longing for sex, but something more profound (the Christian Coalition's argument with the film's tagline reiterates this rufusal to see gay feelings as love).

If it were just about great sex, these guys would have been rats. I have no trouble believing that it was about more than that


I'm so glad there are people like Robin out there.

There's something really bothering me, it's when people say homosexuality is a choice. Well, if homosexuality is a choice, then so is heterosexuality. For all the heterosexual peopl here, did you ever question yourself when you saw someone of your own gender.. "well, I would like to have a serious intimate love relationship with him/her". You probably never did because it's just something you feel or feel not.

I (a man) just cannot see myself in a serious relationship with a woman. I can see women as good friends yes, but I could never ever start a relationship with them, I don't have that kind of feelings for them. If I would, I would just fool myself and her. That cannot be the purpose of life...to live your life as somebody that's not really you. To fool not only yourself but also a precious other life.

And if homosexuality was a choice, then why on earth would someone choose to be gay in a (mostly christian) society that condemns it.

What Brokeback mountain showed me is what happens if people cannot be who they really are because of the society they live in. They ruin their own lives and the lives of their family. All of this wouldn't have happened if people (in this case the society) didn't judge people for it.

It's really making me sick when I hear or read christian people who reduce homosexuals to some sort of lower human beings. Like my long term relationship with my boyfriend is less real because we are both of the same gender. Like our relationship is only based on lust, like we don't care for each other or miss each other.

I'm not religious but if I remember correctly, christians leave the judgement up to god. Then why are people always judging these kind of things.

Christianity is not a law that can dictate the world what is right and what is wrong. There are simply too many different people, religions etc. on this planet, which I think is a good thing. This can help broaden your views on different topics.


praise the Lord, Jesus Christ is our lord and savior. I just can't believe people would even consider talking about this movie, let a lone go and watch such hethanistic rituals. I can just pray for all who have been subjected to such bigotry so that they can be saved and accepted by our Jesus Christ.

God Bless


I would like to thank Marcie. Few things give me hope for the future than christians who can accept people regardless of personal preference. I am neither gay nor christian, so perhaps not really qualified to comment on the views of either, but I'll give it a bash. It seems to me that the characters in Brokeback would have able to fulfill their responabilites to their families far better if they had been able, in the society of the time, to be with the people they loved. Instead they were forced to hide it for their own safety. In all honesty, they were not giving into some fleeting temptation and cheating on sable relationships with their wives, as Robin seems to suggest, they were giving into society's pressure and cheating on each other with their wives. Bizarre sentence I know, but the point is that their meaningful relationship was with each other. Pretty much the same point as Roel made, but it bares repeating. As for John's vicous rant, that sort of thing is why so many none christians have problems with the religion. You need to drag your mind out of the fourteenth century, John, or at least stop posting on reasonable sites like this. Go burn a book or something.

Linda Bailey

Does this movie not make you think that homosexuality is, indeed, a choice? The men married women, sired children, and had sex with each other. I just don't get it.


I am an Italian man.
I have not seen the movie Brokeback Mountain yet and I will not see it.
I will not see that because I do not need to, I’ve been set free from all that.
I am an ex-gay (yes, there are ex-gays, and I know they exist, for I see one each time I look at a mirror).
Homosexuality is not a mental, not a psychological nor a sentimental problem – it is a spiritual problem.
It is just impossible to talk about homosexuality and not to talk about sin and Jesus.
Something is either right or wrong, and it can not be half right or half wrong.
God made man and woman, to marry and to relate sexually to one another. This is God’s plan, and it is right…. Anything different from that is WRONG.
I was born and raised as a Christian, studying and understanding the Bible and loving Jesus.
But I fell into a gay lifestyle for 5 years… but I can tell you…. I was never happy in that lifestyle. I felt miserable each time I had sex with other men.
I knew it was wrong… I knew I was wrong. And there was absolutely NOTHING I could ever do to change God’s mind.
So I had to change mine….
No matter what gay people say, or try to do… nothing can make homosexuality become right.
God never changes His mind, for it does not needs to be changed, it is completely perfect.
And we must never forget there will come a day when we will have to face the Judge of the Universe. Yes, God is love and merciful, but He is also a Just Judge, and cannot deny Himself nor His own Principles.
I want to tell the gay people – Nothing compares to God’s love.
There will never be real love between two men – it may even look like love – but it will never, ever be real love. Love is (I mean true love) only comes from and with the blessing of God.
He will NEVER bless the union of two men – He just CANNOT deny Himself.
He is graceful, loving, forgiving.
He cares about your suffering – and don’t lie to me (I know that from my very own experience) – being gay causes you to suffer… it does, it really does…. And if you do not accept God’s Grace to overcome it… you will be destroyed.
Hell is real, Satan in real, sin is real, but it all can be overcome.
Homosexuality is not a mental, not a psychological nor a sentimental problem – it is a spiritual problem.
I am not blaming Satan for homosexuality – of course he plays a part in it – but I do blame our sinful mature.
Sin (our natural human rebellion against God) is so bad that it has changed our natural feelings, it has changed everything in us. We all are born apart from God because if this nature that dwells in us.
I had and still have a right to be gay.
I have the right to live my life as I want.
I have the right to do what I desire and to do what I please.
I have the right to use my free will.
But I give up my rights to a greater cause… I give up my will, give up my desires and give up everything I own… and I give it all up to please God.
Let His will be done, not mine.
Homosexuals will NEVER experience freedom.
Giving up everything because of God will bring us to a whole new level of freedom, to a new level of happiness…. It will bring us to Peace with GOD, Peace with GOD, Peace with GOD.
Gays may say – God loves us just as we are.
I agree… it is true. He does love us just like we are. And He loves us so much that He wants us to be closer to Him… and He cannot stand unrighteousness….
To be closer to Him we have to be righteous, and nothing pleases Him more than a humble, repentant heart.
I must be sincere… I still have same-sex desires.
The flesh (our humam nature, our sinful nature) does not get any better. It will never improve. I think that for as long as I dwell in this fleshly body I may have to deal with these sinful desires.
But by – and only by – God’s grace I am no longer controlled by this same-sex desires. I am no more a slave of my sin, it no longer controls me.
Through the Holy Spirit I received when I accepted Christ I now have authority over sin. Yes, you red that right… authority. I died to sin (just as Christ died for me) so it can no longer control me.
It can still try to deceive me again, it can still try to take me back – but in Christ I find Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Power, Hope, Freedom, True Love and Peace with God.
God could have taken this same-sex desire from me when I really accepted Jesus, but in His permissive will He chose not to. He made me free from sin in Jesus but allowed me to still feel these same-sex emotions.
And I believe the reason He did that was to teach me not to trust in myself, but to trust in Him alone. I know there is nothing good in me, and I know I am a sinner saved by His Grace.
He allowed me to continue with these feelings so I can rely on Him, to depend on His Power and not on my own strength.
“Lord Jesus: I am a sinner, there is nothing good in me, I confess my sins and ask you to forgive me and to help me change. I depend on you to honor God and not on me, on my own strength.”
I’ve been praying like that for a long time, and believe you or not PRAYER works.
The secret of life is letting go.
The power of prayer is in a humble cry.
The power of change is in giving my life, and laying it down at Jesus’ feet.
You probably did not choose to be gay… you never chose to feel the way you do, and as far as you can remember these feelings were always in you.
You did not chose to be who you are, but you can choose to be someone new, you can choose to start again.
With God this new start is possible.
I now also have desire for women. I long to find a God-minded woman, I long to marry, I long to be a husband (and God knows I can be a good one), and I now long to have children.
I still have same-sex desires, it is true. But it is also true they grow weaker day after day. My trust and my faith in the Lord Jesus grow bigger day after day too.
I can tell you for sure – Homosexuality will NEVER bring you peace.
It can bring you some physical pleasure, just for a few minutes of course, but nothing more than that. And it is for sure you’ll experience shame.
AGAIN - I can tell you for sure – Homosexuality will NEVER bring you peace.
It will never bring you peace, joy, respect (I mean respect from other people and self respect in the end).
Homosexuality is a spiritual problem, created by the sinful nature we ALL were born with.
For years I blamed God for that. Yes I did. It was His fault. He had allowed me to have these desires but I could not live to those desires.
I was the victim of my own desires. But I’ve learnt that there are NO victims in God’s Kingdom.
God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. He is God and we are His creation. How am I to question God?
He allowed me to be born with these same-sex desires, but it is not His fault.
I will never understand why He allowed me to be born with these desires. But I trust Him beyond my understanding. I am not a victim of the circumstances, I am not a victim of my own sinful nature not a victim of Satan.
There are no victims in God’s Kingdom.
I am a follower of Christ, I am a saved God’s son. I am free from sin by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
I now know where I am going to after I die – HEAVEN.
Not because I am good, but because HE is good.
Life on Earth is short, it is temporary.
I now dare to question you? Where will you go to after you die?
Death is a reality. You’ll face it…. one day.
I am absolutely sure I am going to Heaven. I’ll be there with Jesus.
I know we are heading to some hard time on earth.
The Church will face a day when anyone who try to share Jesus with an homosexual will be put to jail.
Any kind of Prejudice will be punished as a crime, and so Christians trying to tell the gay people homosexuality is wrong, will have to face the law system.
But I speak with love to the gay community.
How could I condemn you? How could I?
I who have been through it all, I who have felt everything you feel.
I will never stop to share my story, will never stop witnessing about Jesus.
And if one day I have to face jail for sharing Jesus, no problem.
I’ve been set free from homosexuality, I’ve been set free from my inner jail.
I’ve been set free from homosexuality, I’ve been set free from my inner jail. I’ve been set free from homosexuality, I’ve been set free from my inner jail. No more jails make me afraid.
And just one more thing – every battle in our lives happens in our minds.
The mind is a battle field.
Our own sinful nature attacks our minds. Satan and his demons attack our minds.
And it is in the mind where you choose how to act.
Feeling same sex attraction is not a choice, but having a gay life is a choice, made in the mind.
Feeling the desire to sin is not a choice…. But sinning is.
Romans 1.27 - ‘in the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.”
Romans 6.23 – ‘for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Rom. 8.1 – “Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”
2 Corinthians. 10.3-5 – “for though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, our weapons have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
Rom. 12 2 – “do not conform any longer with the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Deut.30-19 – “Says the Lord – this day I call heaven and earth as witness against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curse. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”

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