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March 21, 2006


Herman Cummings

Even Creationists Deny the Truth of Genesis!

In response to "U.K. archbishop wants ban on creationism", the
archbishop does not understand the Genesis text, and is not
qualified to make such statements.

School boards neglect to consult the leading expert on the book of
Genesis. The Cobb County School Board in Georgia (USA) needlessly
lost their "sticker" case because they chose to bury their heads in
ignorance, rejecting the opportunity to successfully defend their
position. Their attorney, Linwood Gunn, chose not to listen to the
line of questioning that would have proven that the exclusive teaching
of evolution is contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

The Dover Area (York County, PA, USA) school board and the blind
law firm they hired both failed to respond to the letters sent to them
by that expert offering help concerning the law suit which they later
lost. They had refused to accept that "ID" is an inferior concept, and
the board apparently did not want to teach historical reality. They
were voted out of office.

The Kansas State Board refused to invite that same Genesis expert to
correct their misguided attempt to offer an alternative to evolution.
Intelligent Design does not teach the students about the life and death
of past life forms on Earth. Yet the Kansas State Board invited those
that did not understand the Genesis text to speak, and had those
ridiculous "hearings" which were really a charade of "fact finding" inquiry.
Willful ignorance leads to foolishness. But in the case of Kansas,
continued foolishness leads to stupidity.

The fact is, Genesis is not about "Creation Week" as creationism and
theology have taught mankind. God revealed a certain concept to
Israel (Moses) in 1598 BC, that modern science would not discover for
another 3000 years. However, the world of creationism has incorrectly
interpreted Genesis as giving a description of how God created the
Earth, and that is not what early Genesis is about.

Yes, God created our Earth and universe in six days (144 hours), and
rested on the seventh day, more than 4 billion years ago. Yes, God
made Adam & Eve 9,200 years ago. But the first chapter of Genesis
is about what happened on Earth between Creation Week and the
advent of modern mankind. The current teachings of creationism
by creationists and theologians amount to nothing more than
foolishness, and misrepresentation of scripture. Instead of seeking
the truth, they bury their heads in willful ignorance.

Theistic evolution says that God is a liar, and did not create the Earth
and universe in six days, as He said He did in Exodus 20:11. Creation
science foolishly denies scientific reality, and teaches that the Earth was
created only 10,000 years ago. They avoid the reality of Neanderthals,
Cro-Magnon, and have the impudence to declare that no life forms
experienced death before Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, which
was in 4267 BC. Current creationism is lost in Genesis, and has no idea
what the truth is. Also, the presentation of the "Gap Theory" (Ruin and
Restoration) is such an attempt to explain something which bible
scholars, creationists, and theologians don't understand.

On the other hand, Charles Darwin examined physical data around the
world, and came to the wrong conclusion. In an effort to explain the
appearance, disappearance, and reappearance of life forms over the
course of the 4.6 billion year history of Earth, the false doctrine of
evolution has been zealously embraced by secular science.

Various school boards in the United Kingdom, and across the USA
("the colonies") have repeatedly refused to learn the facts about the
observations of Moses. Some boards want to teach the inept
doctrine of "Intelligent Design", thinking that is their best chance
of having creation introduced into the curriculum. Others only want
to teach the false doctrine of evolution, thinking that it is the only
possible answer, and that Genesis is just "religious junk".

The present track record of school boards in courts of law in the
USA that try to question evolution, is very poor. You'd think that
they would soon learn to obtain all available factual information
before confronting the secular world of science. The school board
members that favor the exclusive teaching of evolution fail to
understand that they are promoting the religion of atheism. Doesn't
that fail the so called "Lemon Test"?

Both sides are in ignorance, and seem not to have the desire to
teach students all available truth, giving the students closure on the
origins of life on this planet. Avoiding the truth is denying reality, and
those who deny reality are generally called "insane".

Herman Cummings
PO Box 1745
Fortson GA, 31808
(706) 662-2893
[email protected]


Is it any wonder that Adam was forbidden to eat from the "tree of knowledge"?!

I wonder if Herman Cummings is familiar with Argumentum ad Assertion Repetitio ad Nauseam.

I'm sure he is....

[Remainder of post deleted by moderator]

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