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March 20, 2006



Just more evidence that orthodoxy causes idiocy.

The history of motherly references to God goes back to Jesus who likened the Holy Spirit to a "brooding hen". The HS is alos frequently associated with Sophia or Wisdom in the OT Wisdon writings.

Because of their dedication to historic *expressions* of the faith, orthodox christians castigate modern expressions which express the same doctrines (God loves us like a parent) but in different language. They confuse a different *expression* with a different *faith*. In doing so, they fall unwittingly into heresy by emphasizing the male nature of Fatherhood. Even Acquinas fell into this trap with his nonsensical "distinction" of male and famale wherein the male creates outside of his body and the female creates within the body thus declaring God's creation to be a male activity.

Expect more nonsense from th orthodox. They can't help it.

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