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March 21, 2006


Prof Hugh  Phillips

A very interesting comment you made. There is a misconception about scientific method. It is in fact creative, you have an idea and then test it. If it suvives the test you have a discovery if not, well you go out and think of another idea. In fact, around 50% of scientific major scientific theories are serendipitous.

The lay concept of science is incorrect. A key misconception is that it is ‘right’ – proven, certain or whatever. In fact it is only the best explanation of the ‘facts’ - the data – at the time. In addition it is bounded, that is you theory only holds for a certain range of data – a certain time and space.

Now here is this getting us? This is why there is no real conflict between religion and science. This notion is based on a naïve or dated concept of science. Science and religion are in fact two completely different belief systems that are not incompatible. To claim that religion is right and science is wrong – or vice versa – is 1) to hold a very naive view of each, 2) incredibly arrogant and 3) usurping the role of God.

Hope this helps,

Prof Hugh Phillips,Quebec, Canada

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