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June 20, 2006



This definitely shows how raw the nerves are on the issues faced not just by Anglicans but by other mainlines.

I can sympathize with some of the frustration expressed, but I have to say that the tone of the letter strikes me as sarcastic and ugly. When others outside of the Christian community see it, I have to wonder what they must think or whether it would make them more interested in joining the Christian community or make them want to run the for the exits. (I suspect the latter).

For all the world, it appears that it is has degenerated into a raw power struggle, indistinguishable from a hissy fit breaking out at the local bridge club.
("Ladies and Gentleman, Jesus has left the building. The King has left the building.")

It's not that I think there is anything wrong with feeling strongly about our positions, but I have a hard time seeing that expressions of disagreement in this form are in the spirit of helping "God's kingdom come."

David Huff

Yes, Liz truly rocks. :)

And, I'm sad to say, I have no qualms believing the comment about the rude Dallas clergy. That sort of snarky, rude behavior by the "conservatives" is rampant around here, unfortunately.

Barry Fernelius

You're not the boss of me now
You're not the boss of me now
You're not the boss of me now, and you're not so big

Life is unfair.

(Lyrics by They Might Be Giants)


Liz is absolutely right. I can't believe GC buckled like it did. My Senior Warden is so angry he's thinking of resigning his position in protest. Personally it wouldn't surprise me if all the gays and lesbians in the church simply walked. It's disgusting. We did what was right in 2003; if Pter Akinola and others want to break communion with us for it, so be it. It's time we get over it and move on; all GC did was delay the inevitable. Does anyone really think the Episcopal Church is not going to ordain another openly gay bishop?


I'm not going anywhere. But you know, I'm afraid this Church is infected with absolutely the worst kind of clericalism.

Who the hell cares who the Bishops are? Does this have anything to do with anything? In all this inanity about purple shirts, does anybody even care what happens to the lay membership anymore? There are 100 Bishops in TEC; there are 2.4 million members.

Can anybody do the math? Does anybody have any perspective on what's important any longer, or are we on this merry-go-round forever?

Bishops, of all things! We don't even have same-sex blessings yet - and nobody's even talking about them, or about the vicious anti-gay laws in Nigeria - and we're consumed with Bishops. God almighty.

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