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November 14, 2006


B.W. Howard

I just read the comments from a cordial converstation with an atheist. I also am a cordial atheist. The discussion I read regarding the premise for a creator always leads me to the same dead end. No one can discuss the compelexities of the organized universe without eventually getting to the question, who organized the organizer. And then who organized the organizer's organizer, and so on and on and on.

My own approach to the organization of the universe is that the human mind has difficulty truely grasping the enormity of the time frames we are talking about. By best estimates today, the Universe is about 15 billion years old. Over that time frame the universe has evolved randomly. What we percieve as organization is that way only because we have defined it that way. The universe continues to change, but with our limited view of it, we attempt to define it in our limited terms.

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