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December 04, 2006


Mystical Seeker

Nice posting. I don't think that anyone can ask more of any of us than to be faithful to God as we see it, even unto death. Jesus lived and taught a message of love and living out the Kingdom of God, and that's a pretty admirable life and message for anyone. Maybe he was a little crazy, as you say. If John Crossan is correct, he led an itinerant lifestyle, almost a kind of Jewish version of the Greek Cynics, who lived a life of open commensality and who resisted the power of the Roman Empire. If he lived a life in close communion with God, then all the other baggage that Christian orthodoxy heaps upon his life isn't really a necessary component of what it means for many of us to follow Jesus. One doesn't have to believe that Jesus was divine or born of a virgin or resurrected; if one believes in his teachings, and that he lived the Kingdom of God, then for me that's good enough.

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