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January 27, 2007



First, as to the phrase "their various add-on doctrines"
Well, this is such well-traveled ground, charging that the Trinity, Incarnation, Atonement are 'add ons.' The short answer is that the three doctrines above, certainly the first two, are ways in which Christianity has show the life of Jesus, and his mission, to be anchored in the being of God. Trinitarian language, and the language of the incarnation, show what is going on in the Scriptures. True, an overemphasis on the doctrines to the neglect of Scripture can supplant the original story, but when deployed properly, these doctrines illuminate what is going on in the gospels.

Now, second, I agree that the rhetoric of transformation is overused . . .in lots of disciplines, and lots of human activities. So I applaud your efforts to think through this. Part of the Christiana gospel tho' is that we can relate in a new way to God, with a new confidence and intimacy with God through Jesus, even if old patterns and habits die hard, or don't die. Part of the gospel's hope and promise, as I read the NT, is that there is hope for things which, sadly, do not get transformed in this life. But thanks for working in this particular field of inquiry, DC.

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