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December 30, 2007



In other words, change the faith, innovate on Ancient Doctrine, then screw people when they object.

Very Christian ;)


"Screw people when they object"? Is that what San Joaquin is doing? "Objecting"?

Gee, I always thought "objecting" involved reason, discussion, argument, and other such ordinary kinds of action. You know: working with the system. You know: the things that TEC has been doing for 40 years around the issue of homosexual people.

I wasn't aware that "objecting" involved taking things that weren't yours, resigning your position and then using it to fire people you don't like (on Christmas day), and generally behaving like a spoiled child. And what about the "innovation" of deciding to report to a Bishop with whom you agree, rather than your own? I guess that doesn't count.

Nice try, though. Using the word "objecting" certainly makes it sound as if San Joaquin is the wronged party here. And spin is everything in our modern world, as we all know by now....

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