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March 25, 2009


rick allen

Of course, maybe.

But maybe it's just the need, in Greek, for Peter to have a name in the masculine gender (i.e. with an -os ending, as opposed to the feminine -a).

We see even in the Greek New Testament the Aramaic "Kephas" used for "Peter."

If, in fact, Jesus spoke this saying in Aramaic originally, and if the Peshitta is an accurate rendition of it (I am no scholar, and don't doubt the consensus that the Peshitta is a translation from the Greek, so, two big "ifs"), then your distinction disappears with "You are khe'pha', and upon this khe'pha' I will build my church," the form of the saying in the Peshitta, with "petros" and "petra" being literally identical in the Aramaic.

Joy Owens

Peter was called the " rock" because God the Father gave p
Peter the knowledge of whom Jesus was.
Jesus knew that it would be one of the 12 that would lead His church and it was revealed to Jesus by His heavenly Father that it would be Peter. Peter is a replica of mankind. We are hasty in claiming our love for God but in time of persecution we flake away. But the difference here with Peter was his immediate response to the cock crowing.
Peter cried in repentance and was forgiving.
Protestants are so eager to contradict the catholic church that they are willing to change and interpret Jesus words to His disciples.
The word Kephas is stone, rock or if you are bent on the use of pebbles so be it. Paul referred to Peter as kephas 14 yrs before meeting him. We know by Pauls' writings that the gospel he was preaching was that same gospel that kephas was preaching.
If Peter was not the "rock " as Jesus called him; then why in Acts do we see Peter taking leadership charge in the development of Jesus church?
We must be careful of contradicting the universality of Jesus teachings justification is not granted thru human precepts but in the words of Jesus.
Written by a born SDA.

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