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September 05, 2009


Aliterative Literalist in Longview

No argument with changing oral history, but I wonder about the 3 day "event horizon" on psychosis. For example, this morning I read in a Time article that "Hell Week" for Navy Seal candidates is 5.5 days long and sleep deprived. I wonder what the Navy's research on hallucinations would reveal. By the way, yes, I believe in the literal supernatural events of the gospel accounts.
Aliterative Literalist in Longview

PS Just noticed your blog today and have enjoyed reading some of your entries. Especially enjoyed the faith and flight deck connection you made with FOD.

D. C. Toedt

Thanks, Alternative Literalist. I wondered about the Navy SEAL comparison too. I've read that, during Hell Week, (1) the instructors allow the trainees an hour or two of sleep at some point, and (2) even so, some of the BUD/S trainees do indeed experience hallucinations.

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