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September 24, 2009


NoVA Scout

One of the very unfortunate elements of all the uproar and divisiveness within the Episcopal church has been how much it resembles the tone, techniques and content of some of this very low level secular debate over various political issues. Much as I despair the way all political discussion has become some kind of Glenn Becked parodized extension of radio/TV extremism, a development that I think has hear fatal consequences for a Republic built on Madisonian faith in the intelligence of leaders and the citizens, I really get the blues when I see how precisely it morphs into the halls of the church.

The President hardly has a chance to prevail with a reasoned, empirical explanation of the complexities of the health care issues we face if the opposition is built on buzz words and scare tactics. It is a horrendously complex policy issue that requires great mental discipline and knowledge to address meaningfully. It requires virtually no investment to trash it out.

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