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February 23, 2010



I beleive that this is wrong, gay priests its not the way God wants us to live our lives, how can you anoint someone a priest who openly defies God, preaching the same word that they are condemning, they beleive the are speaking the word, but in reality you have condemned your relationship with God by participating/leading a life of homosexuality, the only way to heaven, to eternal life is through God and you have openly condemned youself, not just homosexuality, but having sex with other family members also condemns your relationship with God, so all of you Episcopal Christians who think you are right you aren't. Also when getting married you are in a church, and "Holy Matrimony" is one of the seven sacraments and the passages read are from the Bible also God created man and woman for a reason he paired us together for a reason. I'm Not trying to impose my beliefs on anyone, just stating my opinion


I think he's spot on. I can't stand it when priests and bishops make policy statements. However, they an encourage people to face the truth, be honest about their fears, ask hard questions and keep talking to one another.

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